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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Essential Oil Spotlight: Tea Tree

Melaleuca alternifolia, also known as tea tree is native to Australia. Australian Aborigines have been using the oil of this plant to treat skin infections and open wounds for centuries. Tea tree oil is used in many ways, including for health, cosmetics, aromatherapy and cleaning products.

Lavender oil is one of the most famous and essential oils used today. Its popularity is largely due to its many advantages. This essential oil is used in aromatherapy, in the production of various perfumes and alternative therapy. It is proven to help in many health conditions, including headache. This article will help you create your own fragrance of lavender oil with budget friendly ingredients.

How To Manage The Symptoms Of Varicose Veins Using Essential Oils

If you have varicose veins, you are certainly aware of the pain and discomfort they cause. Varicose veins tend to run in families, although I must say I am very lucky, a number of members of both sides of my family suffer from varicose veins, however, seems to have dodged the bullet.

Other contributing factors include age, pregnancy, overweight or in an occupation that requires you to spend long periods on their feet.

Cedarwood Essential Oil, a Respiratory Aromatherapy Oil for Emotional Clearing

What emotions get to you when you think the rich aroma of cedar chest from her grandmother? Cedarwood is the aroma of relics and souvenirs. The wood itself is famous for resisting decay. It is used on decks, fence posts, and all you have to endure against all types of moisture, putrefaction and bad weather. During the Great Depression,